Check out the new song from New Politics off upcoming album Lost In Translation

 Exciting news to share from New Politics.


New Politics have announced they will be releasing their new album Lost In Translation on October 6th. We have already been hooked on their new song, One of Us and now you can check out the next new track! New Politics have posted the following news:


Lost In Translation represents a new phase in our lives. After years of constant touring, it was important to us that we reinvent ourselves, and wanted to write honest songs about the real things happening in our lives. We spent a lot of quality time together in-between albums as friends, watching movies, hanging out, and talking about our future plans. That brotherly love and bonding initiated the first batch of songs that has helped us shape the album. A lot of the songs are about personal experiences and the things every human goes through and it was nice to let go of the rules we had laid out for ourselves. It’s a new era for all of us, and we’re proud of how it’s turned out. Lost In Translation means that we’re all searching for something, whether it’s a voice, meaning, a place where we belong; we all face our own challenges. This is about shaping your reality and trying to make sense of the journey along the way. Lost In Translation, featuring “One Of Us” is coming October 6th! Pre-order the album now: + we have some sick cd & digital bundles in our webstore. The cd bundles come with a signed copy of the album for you too.

Now let’s really get things started!! New song CIA coming at ya now, enjoy 😎

– David, Søren & Louis 🇩🇰

p.s. if you’re outside of North American & not seeing the album pre-order + CIA yet don’t freakout!! they’ll be available everywhere by Friday.

Check out the new song here:

They still are impressing us with the evolution of their music and how they truly have captured the heart of America with their music. We look forward to the new album and can’t wait to catch them at City of Trees Festival in September. Check out some photos from their set earlier this year at Live105 BFD.

I can remember the first time we saw New Politics band in 2010 at Slim’s in San Francisco. From the first few seconds of their set, we were instantly hooked. They drew us in with their high energy set and infectious music. Over the years, they have truly developed their own style and sound that holds no boundaries. It is inviting to all and truly gets you amped.  We featured them back in 2011 as one of our Top Ten Bands. Check that article out here.

Have you ever seen our interview with them when they played at Uproar Festival a few years back. If not, check it out here:

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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