Friday Music Fix: Killin’ Candace release two new tracks!

Killin’ Candace recently released two new tracks that you can check out. With so many of us on quarantine or lockdown, checking out new music can definitely keep us all sane. The first track is Straight From The Underground and Vocalist/Guitarist Aaron Lee tells us about the new music:

Straight From the Underground is definitely a rockin’ anthem for today’s times. Can you tell us about how and when you wrote the song?

Thank you, that was definitely the idea – to give it more of an “anthem-like” feel, and i’m glad you dig it! I started writing the song around May of last year, but I actually had the intro/outro guitar lick idea in my head for a while, however  it was just more of a catchy, warm up technique and riff i’d play. I never could quite figure out where I wanted to go with it, so that riff sat around for probably two years before i decided to incorporate it and expand on it. I remember working on getting the chorus lyrics together because I had so many different sets of lyrics going on in my head, some were working and some weren’t, so it honestly took me a while to find the perfect fit and the words for each section, but eventually out of nowhere, and the more I sang through the parts, it just naturally came together and flowed. Based on the emphasis in the chorus lyrics – I knew i had to build a solid, hard-hitting, edgy song around them – so I decided to go full on rebellion and maintain that “take down the system” type vibe! I’m really happy with the structure of the song and how it developed throughout the recording process. It’s definitely got a nice heavy-ness to it and just the right amount of attitude and bite.
You can check out the lyric video  here:


How are you dealing with the social distancing and lockdown situations?
I’m probably the wrong person to ask about the ‘current pandemic’, but since you are I definitely have plenty of food for thought…I myself am not social distancing from my friends, people I care about, or even strangers. I”m also not limiting social and lifestyle activities, because I am my own person, capable of making my own choices for myself, and I know what I need in order to maintain my own sanity and contentment (with the greatest respect to the situation and anyone sensitive to it). This global crisis, I feel, is getting way overblown and over-amplified by the Mainstream Media. I understand that it’s being considered a serious health concern, but there’s also a lot of varying opinions and thoughts on the subject,/narrative, even as far out as that it could be a bio-weapon, or fear-based propaganda – so i think it’s good to look at this from many angles before drawing a conclusion, because it also seems like there could be a bigger outcome and agenda as part of everything that’s going on right now, just look at the plummeting global economy and stock markets for instance! But to answer you question – there’s too many contradictions about all these rulings that the Mayors and Governors are throwing out, so I urge people to question the mandatory lockdowns and rules being issued and projected on society. Tell me if I’m wrong, or you disagree, but it seems that they are requesting that all citizens have to isolate and lock themselves in their homes and maintain social distancing, that they may only leave their home for certain, limited, “essential” purposes i.e. – grocery shopping, emergency scenarios and to visit family etc. However, when we decide to leave our home and step out for that “essential” grocery trip to get water, food etc, well we still come into contact with people anyway?! Anyone that has been to a grocery store on any average day, but certainly within this past week can tell you that you can’t social distance from that amount of people, and certainly not the check out clerk who has to receive payment from you – so i’m sorry, but for me social distancing will not be effective because it will be impossible to fully distance people from one another at all times. It’s all too suspicious why they want us locked up like animals and it seems like there is a whole other reason behind this Covid-19 pandemic right now…

You guys really deliver high energy live sets, do you think about doing any online live shows during the shutdown?
Maybe! I guess watch all the upcoming posts via our social media profiles. Also, we are probably limited to a rehearsal studio in view of the lockdown situation, but i’d at the least be open to doing an acoustic set or chat, Q&A type thing and get some views on the CV-19 chaos!
With the release of the two singles, what is next?
I’d love to accompany both of the latest singles with promo videos, so that’s the next goal. I’m continually writing and as you may know, for the past year, have been in the studio working on the upcoming debut album “Straight From The Underground”. So like the previous answer, watch this space and our socials!
Can you also send the links for where people can get the new music?
Our music is streaming via all major music platforms and ready to get cranked up to 13! name it, it’s most likely there…
Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Pandora, Apple Music, AmazonMp3 and more!


You can check out their cover of Dua Lipa’s Physical here:


Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

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