Memphis May Fire release new single “The American Dream”

credit: David Niacaris

With “The American Dream” Memphis May Fire have released a brand-new song via Rise Records. The Metalcore band from Texas expands their repertoire with another hymn, channeling the fears, frustrations, and the pain of a whole generation with a concentrated mix of gigantic melodic hooks and crushing aggression.

Even after heading the Billboard-Hard-Music-Album-charts and entering the Active Rock Top 20 on the radio, Memphis May Fire stay true to their style and keep following their musical vision without compromise.

Check out the video for “The American Dream” here.

A new era dawns for the band, which is characterized by revitalization and renewal. Memphis May Fire keep concentrating on core elements for which they are loved by their fans. “The American Dream” is another inferno of killer riffs and inspiring words.

Memphis May Fire deal in their music with fear, violence, and polarization, powered with a basis of hope and renewal at the core of the lyrics.

Songs like “Bleed Me Dry” and “Death Inside” conjure the cathartic bombast of the known songs of the band and stand for a comeback to their roots.

The band toured with countless important Rock- and Metal-bands, amongst them Killswitch Engage, Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Sevendust and Atreyu. They were co-headliner with Yellowcard and The Devil Wears Prada, played regularly on Warped Tour and numerous big rock festivals all over the world.

The continuous relevance of their previous six records is also proof of the strong connection between the band and their audience. Songs like “Miles Away“, “No Ordinary Love“, “Beneath The Skin” and “Carry On” have been streamed millions of times.

“We want the people to have songs, which they can listen to at the gym or in the car and know, that the world ist bigger than it seems,”, says Mullins. “They should know, that they live in a world with other people who understand, that it’s okay, to be imperfect. That someone else knows your pain.”

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