Our Spotlight Band is The Noise Figures from Athens, Greece


The Noise Figures from Athens, Greece are our Spotlight Band which consists of drummer-vocalist George Nikas and guitarist Stamos Bamparis. They are set to release to their new album, Aphelion on September 28th on Inner Ear Records. What is great about this album, is the organic and pure sound that was achieved as The Noise Figures recorded the album in 5 days on a reel to reel machine with vintage gear and tuned to A=432Hz which is called the Pythagorean tuning. The result being an infectious fuzz rock sound that will have you immediately hooked!

Throughout the economic crisis and layoffs, they persevered and toured extensively in Europe. They comment, We have been challenged over here but keeping on our mission, you know “… The harder they come – The harder they fall, one and all”.


Band Members:

  • George Nikas – Vocals, Drums
  • Stamos Bamparis – Guitars, Vocals
  • Genre:  Fuzz rock
  • Location: Athens, Greece
  • Feature: Fuzz rock that brings out a raw organic nature that is missing from a lot of today’s music
  • Song to check out: Holy One


Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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