Catch Small Talks out on tour in support of debut album, A Conversation Between Us

Small Talk

Indie pop band Small Talks is gearing up to head out on tour in support of the release of debut album, A Conversation Between Us out on Common Ground Records. The debut full length album is full of playlist-worthy songs for your every mood. You are immediately swept away by charismatic vocals wrapped in fun loving indie pop songs.

Cayley Spivey, lead vocalist and guitarist of Small Talks comments about the album,

“The album’s titled A Conversation Between Us because I wrote about a lot of personal topics and shared it like I would during a private conversation with someone I trust. I dug into my subconscious while writing this album in hopes of discovering what inspires me and why. It is dedicated to the human condition and those who feel lonely – not because they are alone, but because they can’t find the words to express to others what matters to them.”


Check out the album and the tracklist:

  1. Better For It

  2. Oceans

  3. Teeth

  4. Quiet Sounds

  5. Bed

  6. Anybody

  7. Honeydew

  8. Never Made It

  9. Nicotine & Tangerines

  10. Thinking of the Sun


You can catch Small Talks out on tour as they will be touring with Can’t Swim, Homesafe, and Save Face. Check out the dates below:

For the Bay Area, make sure to head out to their show at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, CA.

In addition, make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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