Concert review: Devin Townsend Project, Between The Buried And Me and Leprous. Contributed by Alex Bock


Munich, Backstage Werk, February 10th 2017

It has been a while, two years to be exact, since we had the pleasure of Devin Townsend playing in our beautiful city.

When doors opened at 7pm that night, there was a really long queue waiting down the street to get inside. The show wasn’t entirely sold out, but it couldn’t have been many tickets left and by show start those were gone for sure.

The venue was pretty packed from the beginning, which gave both support bands, Leprous and Between The Buried And Me, the chance to play for a bigger crowd.


Between the Buried and Me:

Different from last time Devin Townsend played here, there were no big screens with aliens and other strange things on them in the back. It was mostly reduced to the music itself. The Aliens though were still there that evening in the form of hand puppets, which were sold at the merch table.

Moving pictures in the back or not, what counts is the music and there was no shortage of great songs that night.  Devin Townsend is one of those musicians who introduces almost every song and talks to the audience a lot. He has lots of short stories to tell, never failing to make people laugh and smile.

25 years in the business there’s tons of songs to pick from for a fun night. Here’s the set-list for the Munich show:

  1. Rejoice
  2. Night
  3. Stormbending
  4. Failure
  5. Hyperdrive
  6. Where We Belong
  7. Planet Of The Apes
  8. Ziltoid Goes Home
  9. Suicide
  10. Supercrush!
  11. March of The Poozers
  12. Kingdom


  1. Let It Roll
  2. Ih-Ah!
  3. Higher

Although there were Meet & Greets every night, Devin Townsend took the time to shake hands and talk to each and every person in the front row after the show. Something you definitely don’t see a lot these days. The bigger the acts, the less they show themselves at the venues.

The European/UK tour is still under way. It ends March 18th in Nottingham, UK. Don’t miss out on seeing the band live. An US tour starts April 28th in Pomona, CA.

Make sure to follow the band on their social media

~ Contributed by Alex Bock,


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