Photo Gallery: The Rumjacks, Booze & Glory and Jesse Ahern live in Munich

at the Backstage Werk

Last weekend one of our favorite venues in Munich welcomed The Rumjacks to town. The show was originally planned to take place at the Halle, a smaller venue on the same grounds, but fortunately got upgraded to the Werk, which fits far more people.

Opening act was solo artist Jesse Ahern. We had the pleasure of catching him live before with Dropkick Murphys. Since he’s been to town before he wasn’t a stranger to the audience. He performed mostly acoustic, so just a man and his guitar, but he clearly showed it doesn’t need more than that to warm the audience up. He promised to be back, so make sure to not miss it.

Setlist: The Older I Get, Pray, Miss Information, Daugther And Son, Heartache And Love, Highway Of Life and a The Clash cover “Bankrobber”.

Second band, and judging from the length of the set, co-headliner were Booze & Glory. They delivered a highly energetic show and had quite a connection with the audience. Everyone knew their songs by heart and sang along at the top of their voices. Amazing to watch.

Setlist: London Skinhead Crew, Leave The Kids Alone, C’est la vie, Days, Months & Years, Betrayed, Ticking Bombs, Raising The Roof, Carry On, Swingin’ Hammers, Simple, Live It Up, I Hope You Still Remember, Blood From A Stone, Three Points, The Streets I Call My Own, Only Fools Get Caught

The band is planning on another touring cycle in 2024 to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of “As Old As Brass”. Keep your eyes open for future announcements!

The Rumjacks’ set started at around 10.20 pm and the band used every last minute. Usually, sets don’t end later than 11.30 pm and they almost exactly hit that mark.

The band kept the hits coming and everyone was singing along, clearly having the time of their lives. Honestly, how could anyone keep standing still to songs like “A Fistful O’ Roses”, “Light In My Shadows” or “An Irish Pub Song”.

The tour continues with some more shows in Germany and than some UK shows.

Setlist: Kirkintilloch, A Fistful O’ Roses, Bloodsoaked In Chorus, Saints Preserve Us, Smash Them Bottles, One For The Road, Bullhead, Through These Iron Sights, Across The Water, Rhythm Of Her Name, My Time Again, Light In My Shadow, Hestia, The Pot & Kettle, An Irish Pub Song, I’ll Tell Me Ma

For more information follow their social media:

The Rumjacks

Booze & Glory

Jesse Ahren

~ Alex


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