The Brevet premiere video for Upholder and catch them at Neck of the Woods on June 21st


The Brevet have just released a video for Upholder: Chapter 3, the final chapter of the band’s American Novel EP series. You can watch the video by heading over to: The band explains “Upholder”s inspiration and significance, saying:

“The song is meant to be a dialogue of people going through challenges and hard times. You don’t have to experience the exact same challenges in life to relate to one another. I think the song is meant to be a reminder that whatever you are going through in life you are not alone. The video was meant to focus more on the band and our live shows. We have grown so much over these past few years in our live performances and really wanted to showcase that in a creative way.”

You can catch The Brevet out on their tour, dates are listed below:



On their current west coast tour for Upholder: Chapter 3, The Brevet are selling a special American Novel vinyl record containing all 3 EP’s in one package. When speaking of Upholder: Chapter 3 being the final installation of their American Novel EP’s, the band says “For us, it’s much more about our journey as a band and the evolution of us creating music together. So, the Chapters are just stitching together parts of our writing journey. It’s great for us to look back at these chapters and see how we’ve grown, changed, and continued in making music we believe in.

1. I Am The Wind
2. Wild Child
3. The River
4. Upholder

The Brevet is:

  • Aric Chase Damm – lead vocals, guitar
  • Michael Jones – backing vocals, piano
  • David Aguiar -backing vocals, drums
  • John Kingsley – lead guitar
  • Ben Ross – bass, backing vocals


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