Dirty Honey brings life back into Rock n Roll with their new song, California Dreamin’

It was 373 days ago when we were rockin out to one of our favorite bands, Dirty Honey in San Francisco. Rock n Roll was alive and well as they band killed it with an epic performance at Slim’s in San Francisco. It would be the last live concert we would enjoy as the Covid-19 pandemic nearly dessimated the music scene in 2020.

Fast forward to tonight, and it seems all is right in the rock n roll world as Dirty Honey delivers a must needed fix of Rock n Roll. They released their new single, California Dreamin’ which is the first single off their new album, set for a April 23rd release. The bad ass track includes a video that has you enjoying California scenery. Check out the new track and video here:

The song is a breath of fresh air that is destined to become a classic and favorite. It is the perfect song to cruise the open highways and venture out into the world once again. The vocals come alive and hold you captive as you can’t help but sing along. Oh sweet Lord, the guitar work is phenomenal, dripping with what has become signature Dirty Honey riff heavy rockin vibes. It carries a smokin’ bass line and precision heavy hittin drums. The music they create highlights their cohesiveness and you can feel the energy flowing between the members, conducting an energy that has created a life of its own.

Dirty Honey are carrying the torch of rock n roll and have injected a shot of adrenaline into the music scene. We can’t wait for their new album and for them to hit the road again. Catching them perform live is a must, as they deliver one of the fiercest high energy rock shows. You can check out some photos of their SF 2020 show here:

Need more? Check out our full gallery and review from the SF show here.

Make sure to head over to their website and pick up some of their killer  new merch and pre-order their new album.

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