In This Moment release video for ‘Black Wedding’

A few days ago, In This Moment announced the coming of a Black Wedding and here it is. The band released a video for their song ‘Black Wedding’. Like the song on the record, the video also features  Judas Priests frontman Rob Halford. If you think the song sounds familiar, you’re probably not wrong. The ‘mother’ of this song is ‘White Wedding’ from Billy Idol.

Check out ‘Black Wedding’ here:


The band recently came back from touring with The Word Alive and Ded, just to head out on another tour with Halestorm, New Years Day and Stitched Up Heart, starting April 30th in Houston, TX. They will also get back to Europe in June 2018 for some festivals and venue shows. Tickets are selling fast, some of the German shows have already been upgraded to bigger venues. From the end of July on, they will continue their tour with Halestorm and New Years Day. Lots of chances to catch one of their incredible live shows. Check the bands page at for the exact dates.

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