VIDEO PREMIERE: Singer/Songwriter Erika Grapes releases powerful video for “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”

Singer/Songwriter Erika Grapes is from Milan, Italy. After a long time devoted to writing poetry as an existential tool to survive hardship and challenges, followed by a decade in the music industry promoting other musicians, Grapes is now out with the debut single Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby.  Although being a songwriter, also, Erika decided for her debut single as a solo artist to cover the famous Dream Pop hit “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” by Cigarettes After Sex, adding an electronic/trip hop vibe to it, created by the artist and producer Lorenzo Montaná (Tying Tiffany, TTL).

Grapes explains about the song,

“This song comes in a time of loss and awareness, a very emotional stage in my life and while singing it, I felt the need to pour in the black and the white simultaneously. The nihilism, the pain, as well as well as the mystical hope and perception of warmth from the universe, a bigger and mysterious picture.”


The powerful and compelling video was filmed in Swansea, Wales by director and artist Alfie Scheinman, shot partly at the Elysium Art Studios and partly at the Hill Church Cemetery in Swansea.  The video features four characters: two pairs. A gothic couple (Alfie and Winter Scheinman) meeting at a cemetery and a father and daughter (Nick Phillips and Manon Rees Ruault) dancing a highly emotional choreography.

Dancer and choreographer Nick Phillips explains:
“The physical motif is one reminiscent of the ‘Three Monkeys: Hear, See and Speak No Evil’. The use of this very recognisable image comes from the idea that to protect someone from hurt is to defend them from evils: What or whoever they are. I like the idea that the ages and differing abilities (one being able-bodied and one being diffabled) lends itself to who is protecting who…Is it a father protecting a daughter and or vice versa maybe… or the societal image of the able-bodied community ‘having’ to protect those less able?
The video was filmed and edited by Jordan @mahoney_graphic_design, who expresses enthusiasm for this international collaboration“it was an incredible experience capturing the world that Alfie conjured up”
Alfie Scheinman explains his idea behind the video:“Love and loss, protection, spiritual connection, not just romantic love but friend love, family love”.
You can watch the video here:

The video truly highlights the passion and emotion that Erika brings to her music. Erika is set to release a new single, written with former Shandon member Andrea Castelli and due out on September, 19th: “Falling Inside Out”, this is the title, can be Pre-Save via this link


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