WATCH: Melodic Metal band Vintersea releases new music video

July 30, 2017

Melodic metal band Vintersea is from Corvalis, Oregon and they have just released a new music video for their song Skies Set Ablaze. The song comes off their debut album The Gravity of Fall. Guitarist Riley Nix comments about the song, Skies Set Ablaze contains strong themes of human conflict, represented here by Fire and Ice. Karl Whinnery, the producer of our video, showcases a color palette and variety of shots that set Ice against Fire as our protagonist feels the weight of societies collapse, ultimately deciding that our world may be better off devoid of life. Watch the video here: Vintersea is: Jorma Spaziano (Lead Guitar) Avienne (Vocalist) Riley Nix (Rhythm Guitar) Jeremy Spencer (Drums) You can pick up their debut album The Gravity of Fall by heading over to 1.Arise 2.The Host 3.Entities 4.Skies Set Ablaze 5.The Holy Procession 6.The Gravity of Fall 7.Crevasse 8.Embers 9.Twinleaf 10.Mirror Lake   Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. Information & Links: Facebook: Youtube: Instagram:

Band of the Day

Spotlight on metal band The Art of Deception and their new lyric video

July 27, 2017

Today we bring the spotlight on a metal band from Central, PA. Allow us to introduce you to The Art of Deception. The band is bringing together the varied artistic styles of its members and have developed a sound that utilizes the best elements from many genres of heavy music. Check out more on the band: While still young and relatively unknown, The Art of Deception has accomplished quite a lot in a short amount of time. In June of 2015, They released a self-titled 6 song EP, which is available on all major online music retailers. Since it’s release, they have shared the stage with such notable acts as: Upon a Burning Body, Carnifex, Dance Gavin Dance, Whitechapel, A Skylit Drive, iwrestleabearonce, Within The Ruins (x2), Oceano, ERRA, Polyphia, It Lives, It Breathes, Lorna Shore, and The Last Ten Seconds of Life. Following a Summer and Fall filled with shows, the band recorded a single at Atrium Audio with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland. Their single titled “Family Portrait” was released in 2016 and [Read More]


Catch RAVEN BLACK out on their Hex O’Clock Tour

July 3, 2017

Alternative metal band RAVEN BLACK are hitting the road and I hope they are coming to a venue near you. Now is your chance to catch this impressive band bringing together a blend of metal, rock, alternative and more. Dipped in dark mystery, theatrical debauchery, commanding vocals and infectious melodies! Their tour kicks off on July 8th in Guadalajara, MX, the tour winds through the Midwest and up the East Coast before finishing up in Las Vegas, NV. Check the tour dates below: The Hex O’Clock Tour Dates: 07/08 @ Voodoo Roadhouse Bar – Guadalajara, MX 07/14 @ Jack’s Patio Bar – San Antonio, TX 07/15 @ Dirty 30 – Dallas, TX 07/16 @ Thunder Alley – Oklahoma City, OK 07/17 @ The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO 07/18 @ Phoenix Lounge – Sioux Falls, SD 07/19 @ Lookout Lounge – Omaha, NE 07/20 @ The Back Bar – Janesville, WI 07/21 @ Top Fuel Saloon – Chicago, IL 07/22 @ The Token Lounge – Detroit, MI 07/23 @ MUSIC LYNX (NEW) – Mentor, OH [Read More]


Metal duo KrashKarma release fierce new video for their song, Killing Time

June 28, 2017

The metal duo KrashKarma have released a new music video for their song, Killing Time. The video was filmed at the Easter Cross Festival in Oberndorf, Germany on April 16th, 2017. It is a great track that delivers a great dose of metal balancing on powerful yet velvety vocals! Vocalist Niki Skistimas comments about the song, “The song ‘Killing Time’ from our current album Paint the Devil is a homage to Spaghetti Western Films. This is our interpretation of what Pantera would sound like to Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. This video was shot on our last tour at a Metal Festival in Germany.”  Check out the video here:   Pick up the new album Paint The Devil by heading over to iTunes here: About KrashKarma: Alternative Metal Duo KRASHKARMA (from Los Angeles) has been coined as “The White Stripes of Metal” with their singing female drummer intertwining with a guitar sound Frankenstein could take credit for creating. The dynamic on stage between the two vocalists capture a yin and yang [Read More]


Symphonic power metal band Insatia releases new music video for Memory of a Sapphire

June 27, 2017

Symphonic power metal band Insatia have just released a music video for their song, Memory of a Sapphire. The song is off their newly released album, Phoenix Aflame. Vocalist Zoë Federoff comments on the song, “Memory of a Sapphire quickly became a favorite for us in the studio- it’s poppy and melody-oriented, which makes it a lot of fun to play live. Spotlighting Mr. Chris Amott’s guitar artistry on it adds a whole new level of zing, and as it really represents our sound most completely, it all seemed very natural to make it the first music video for the album.” Check out the video here:     You can pick up the album by heading over to Track List: 1. Intro (Land Of The Living) 2. Act Of Mercy 3. Memory Of A Sapphire 4. Sacred 5. We Are The Grey 6. Phoenix Aflame 7. Not My God 8. Captor And Captive 9. Velvet Road 10. Healer Of Hatred   Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on [Read More]


Korn delivers EPIC set out on the must-see Serenity of Summer Tour

June 23, 2017

  Last night The Serenity of Summer Tour made a stop in Mountain View at the Shoreline Amphitheater. It was a night fueled by high energy sets from Islander, Baby Metal, Yelawolf, Stone Sour and KORN. We will be featuring individual posts highlighting each set. Of course, we must start off with the high energy kick ass set of KORN as they headline the tour. Before they hit the stage, it was a packed audience in the amphitheater.  The crowd was growing with anticipation as a black sheet draped the stage. Once the music started, the crowds erupted in screams and cheers, the drape dropped and KORN was fulling taking over the stage. It was amazing to hear how loud the audience grew as they performed. The sound was incredible as they performed a flawless set, including fan favorites as well as songs off their latest album, The Serenity of Suffering. Check out photos from their set by our Rockin Ryan:   Korn also recently released a music video for their song, Black Is The Soul: [Read More]


Tempting Fate release new single, Carousel off upcoming album Catharsis

June 21, 2017

Tempting Fate have continued to deliver music that holds no genre boundaries; seamlessly blending metal, alternative, rock, and electronic. They are gearing up for the release of their new album, Catharsis on July 21st. Once again they have grabbed our attention for their signature sound as they released the first single off the new album. The song is Carousel and it is fused with a carnival rock vibe that has become addictive! Check out the new track below:     You can pre-order the album now by heading over to iTunes Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. Information & Links: Facebook: Twitter: