Get ready for a shot of hard rock with Snakeskyn Whiskey!

Snakeskyn Whiskey

Do you remember the first time you were at a concert and you were blown away by the opening band? Like seriously just excited to find out more about them and to get hooked on their music? Well that is what it was like for many fans who went out to see CrashDiet at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco this past Monday (March 25, 2013).  Out on tour with CrashDiet and opening up for them that night were the hard rockers from Montreal, Canada, Snakeskyn Whiskey. These four guys deliver in your face aggressive rock and roll with non stop energy.  If you have ever been to the top of the DNA Lounge, you will know what I am talking about when I tell you how they dominated that small stage with their big sound.

We had the chance to sit down with  Snakeskyn Whiskey before the show and they told us about how diverse the music scene is in Montreal and how the different genres of music compete for the shows at the music venues. On any given night you can catch all types of live music. So to see them stand out from that melting pot and bring to the fore front  their hard rock sound, is a great accomplishment. We will have our video interview up for you to enjoy later this week.

For now, let me introduce you to Snakeskyn Whiskey. Delivering those powerful vocals and playing guitar is Matt Dibi who displays his incredible stage presence and calls to mind James Hetfield. Alongside him is his brother Jordan Dibi who masters the bass and belting out some first-class backing vocals similar to Michael Anthony. You then have Justyn Vynn on lead guitar who I have to say, reminds me of the great Dimebag Darrell with his awesome hair and killer guitar shredding, definitely channeling the great Dimebag! Lastly to round out this kick ass band is Tommy Tarantilis who brings it all together with his energetic drumming. Also, you gotta love Tommy’s Greek accent and his infectious smiling personality reminiscent of Steven Adler.  These four guys come together with all their musical influences and yet they have created their own unique sound that will have craving more.

Here is a video for their song, “Before I Fall” from their current EP Vicious which can be purchased through Amazon or Itunes.


Update 3/27: So here is that Interview I promised with Snakesyn Whiskey so you can get to know more about these guys!



Also, check to see if they will be playing near you because if they are… YOU DON”T WANT TO MISS THAT SHOW!  So head on over to Facebook/Twitter/etc and follow them and show them some love!

~ Enjoy, Marisol

Snakeskyn Whiskey Information & Links

Tour Dates:

  • 3/29    Salt Lake City, UT
  • 3/30    Arvada, CO
  • 4/2       Kansas City, MO
  • 4/4      Chicago, IL
  • 4/5      Detroit, MI
  • 4/6      Toronto, ONT, CANADA
  • 4/7      Ottawa, ONT, CANADA
  • 4/9     Montreal, QUE, CANADA
  • 4/11   West Chester, PA
  • 4/13   New York, NY
  • 4/15   Springfield, VA
  • 4/16   White Marsh, MD
  • 4/17   Spartanburg, SC
  • 4/18   Atlanta, GA




  1. These guys should play at Rocklahama or are they already ? I love new music that is not always from Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I like this band. To open for CrashDiet is amazing. they were here in Idaho and were absolutely incredible. I am sure they will be back soon on their own tour. fun guys too.

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