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The night that changed our lives…. Tubbs Fire sweeps Santa Rosa

October 25, 2017

  (Today, October 25th is the first time in 16 days that I have been able to log onto our site. I apologize for not being able to post! I appreciate all the support from everyone.) It was just another hot dry night at our home in Santa Rosa, also the home of Music Junkie Press. Brandon and Stephen were at the park playing baseball. Rockin Ryan was busy playing his guitar as I was going through mementos from my parents, separating things from their estate to be given to each of the six siblings. Reading funny birthday cards and each little note that my mother saved for over 40+ years.  I would never have imagined that those precious items would soon be incinerated in a fire, just hours later.   Our timeline….. October 8th 10:45 pm Power went out briefly for approximately 30-45 seconds, happened twice in 5 minutes. 11:15 pm Brandon and Stephen were sound asleep which means that Ryan and I \would stay up and take care of Music Junkie Press work, [Read More]


Uniquely Reckless. Eric Zayne’s latest single and video. By Patrick O’Heffernan

October 7, 2017

  (Los Angeles) The word “unique” is thrown around a lot these days.  Every artist wants to be “unique”.  Every promoter gushes how “unique” a band is.  Every festival is creatively “unique”.   So before I sat down to write about Eric Zayne’s new single and video, Reckless, I took a look at the word “unique” because, as I have gotten to know him, that word keeps popping up. Eric was born in Montreal in a South Indian family.  They moved to the Indian community in Congo when he was very young and that was his world —  South Asians living and prospering in a former Belgium colony now an African nation, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This was not unique; there were South Asian communities throughout Africa and still are. But it meant Eric was raised listening to the Indian music of his parents, the Bantu rhythms of the Congo, and western music on the BBC. A combination that can be legitimately called unique. What wasn’t unique was that Congo was unstable.  Congo (later [Read More]


Latinas Out Loud at The Hammer. By Patrick O’Heffernan

October 7, 2017

  Patrick O’Heffernan (Westwood, CA) The Hammer Museum in Westwood Friday night opened is Pacific Standard Time:LA/LA  art exhibition,  Radical Women: Latin American art, 1960 -1985, with Latinas Out Loud”: ¡Párriba!  a wild concert led by Lido Pimienta and introduced by LA’s own joyful punk, funk Latin rock band, Sister Mantos.  It was the perfect combination of musical and plastic arts to showcase the power of Latinas in our culture.   The Hammer Museum –“The Hammer” — is a blocky edifice that could be an office building.  Other than the word “Hammer” on the side in large letters it is pretty much like the office towers around it. Opened free to the public in 1990,  The Hammer was founded by Dr. Armand Hammer, the late Chairman of Occidental Petroleum Corporation, for  his collections of old masters plus traveling exhibitions. Four years later everything changed.  UCLA took over The Hammer’s management and operations and launched programs that encompassed the entire Los Angeles Community with film, theater, music and dance as well as static art. Latinas Out [Read More]

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Rest in Peace Tom Petty

October 2, 2017

Rest in Peace Tom Petty 1950 – 2017   Sad to report the passing of Tom Petty. I can’t even put into words what this man and his music meant to us. Our condolences go out to his family, friends and fans.

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Black Veil Brides announce album release and introduce two new songs

October 1, 2017

  Just days after the announcement of a big co-headliner tour with Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides give away the release date for their fifth studio album. It’s called ‘Vale’ and will be in stores January 12th, 2018. Along with today’s announcement, two songs from the upcoming record have been introduced. Check out the audio tracks for ‘My Vow’ and ‘The Outsider’   The record was produced by John Feldman, who was also responsible for the big success of BVB’s 3rd record ‘Wretched And Divine’. Preorders can already be placed for digital and physical copies and packages. With the purchase comes the immediate download of ‘My Vow’ and ‘The Outsider’. Head to for more details. As a reminder, here’s the tour dates for 2018 for the US, Canada and Europe. Tickets are already on sale via .     For more news on the band go visit their social media Contributed by  Alex Bock,