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SHOW ALERT: Don’t miss SF favorites Facing New York at their hometown show celebrating album release

December 7, 2018

  Bay Area alt-rock favorites, Facing New York are set to release their new album, Dogtown on December 14th via Nice Life Recording Company. This will be their first album in 10 years. We have been able to take a listen to several of their new tracks and you are going to LOVE IT! Facing New York is Eric Frederic [vocals, guitar] (also known as the multi-platinum GRAMMY–nominated producer/songwriter/artist Ricky Reed), Brandon Canchola [bass] and Omar Cuellar [drums] and they are set to perform a special hometown album release show next week. The show will be on December 14th at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.  You can pick up tickets for the show by heading over to  Every ticket purchase will include the vinyl Dogtown album and Facing New York t-shirt. You can check out the title track below:   More about Facing New York: Eric, Brandon and Omar have a brotherhood and friendship that has endured from their beginnings together in the Bay Area, and that’s what this project represents. Formed in 2004, the group emerged as a cult favorite in the Northern California scene as they [Read More]

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Alt-rockers THIS LIFE release candid personal video for new song, I’d Lie About Almost Anything

December 6, 2018

London based alt-rockers THIS LIFE have released a  new song and video which delivers a candid and very personal look at the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. The track titled, I’d Lie About Almost Anything is based on personal experiences. ‘The track and video are a candid and vulnerable plea to anyone suffering from mental health problems associated with drug and alcohol dependency to overcome the stigma of asking for professional help.’ Watch the video here: Front man William Ellis says:  “Everybody needs help sometimes, and it’s time to ask for it. When I perform this song or look at the video it does make me sad, because it’s such a raw depiction of myself on display for all to see, but at the same time it’s a celebration to say ‘but I’m still here after everything’.” Directed and produced by Zak Pinchin, the stark black and white video focuses on the feelings of isolation and frustration that can come from masking mental health problems with drug or alcohol addiction.Ellis hopes that opening up about his [Read More]

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Violet Days Made in My Head and we feel it all over. Album review.

November 19, 2018

Patrick O’Heffernan Violet Days’ music  has always been addictive.  This Swedish collaborative project made up of singer-songwriter/artist Lina Hansson and renowned producer Kris Eriksson knows exactly how to create earworms that stay with you.  Happily, Violet Days just released their debut EP, Made in My Head, produced by Eriksson. It may have been made their heads, but it joyfully inhabits my dance muscles and eardrums as well. The five tracks on the EP – seven with the addition of two earlier tracks “Leave But Go” and  “Just A Little Remixes” —  range from the high energy pop storytelling “I Think…” to the dreamy “Two Years” which launches with full orchestration and then goes into out-there dream pop mode, followed by the jerky even dreamier pop “Cocaine Lover” with its complex beats, swooping background melodies and  Lina’s pure, sensually-textured female vocals. The EP gives you an interesting break with  a 33-second  mono-tonal instrumental  that sets you up for the final song,  “Leave But Don’t Go”, a very satisfying mélange of complex drum machine rhythms, vocal overdubs [Read More]

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Architects released new record ‚Holy Hell‘

November 11, 2018

Two years after ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’, one of UK’s most successful Metalcore bands, Architects, released their 8th studio record yesterday. The making of the record was kept secret. Just two months before the release of Holy Hell the band shared the the first song (aside from ‘Doomsday’ that was released a little over a year ago) from the new record ‘Hereafter’. Shortly after that, tour announcements followed and two more songs, ‘Royal Beggars’ and ‘Modern Misery’. In many ways it’s a special record. Read Dan Searle’s statement on facebook: Our eighth album, ‘Holy Hell’, is released today. I always had faith that we would make this album a reality, but now that the day has arrived I feel a sense of disbelief. Two years ago we were just wrapping up our first stretch of touring without Tom and once we returned home we set about building this record from the ground up. It seemed like a mountain to climb. I’ve already seen so many kind things said about the album and that [Read More]

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Architects reveal new song ‚Modern Misery’

November 1, 2018

Architects keep the new songs coming. Less than two weeks before the release of ‘Holy Hell’, one of UK’s most successful Metal acts, introduces a new video for the song ‘Modern Misery’: Just last week the band released a short film about the making of the record, their live performance at the sold-out Alexandra Palace in London and how they cope with the loss of their late band member Tom Searle, that died of cancer in 2016. Architects is a band for over 13 years now, they have released seven albums with Tom being their main song-writer. With their latest releases the band showed that they learned a lot over the years from Tom. ‘Holy Hell’ will mirror the current band members Sam Carter (vocals), Dan Searle (drums), Josh Middleton (guitar), Alex Dean (bass) and Adam Christianson (guitar). Some songs are based on tracks Tom had starting working on. The record deals with the loss and everything that comes with. So once again, it’ll be a very personal record. Check out the film here: [Read More]

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The Unlikely Candidates release infectious new track, Bells

October 12, 2018

  The Unlikely Candidates release an infectious new anthemic track, Bells. Last week the track premiered on Fox Sports as the network’s Thursday Night Football first listen campaign during the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots game. Frontman Kyle Morris “As a man walks through the crowd on his way to the gallows, he thinks of how he got there, what he’s become, and where, if anywhere, he’ll go once he reaches the end of the rope. ‘Bells’ is the ballad of the dammed. It’s about how pain, shame, and the law of man are all things of this world that are stripped away in the light of the last real truth. That we must all meet  Death as a friend or foe…naked, alone, and carrying all that we have done in this life.” Pick up the new single and take a listen here:   More news here: “Bells” follows the band’s previously released jams “Best I Ever Had”, about a young love gone toxic, and “Oh My Dear Lord”, which Baeble raves as “The stormy song [Read More]

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Nothing More introduce new song. Contributed by Alex Bock

October 12, 2018

Three-times Grammy nominated rock band Nothing More is known for its critiques on social issues, from addressing our false need for materialism, to political and religious leaders enforcing their views on others, to the challenges of mental illness. Today’s release of the lyric video for Nothing More’s “Let ‘Em Burn”, from the band’s current album “The Stories We Tell Ourselves“, is a blistering look at one of the clandestine ways people are knowingly fed lies and willingly swallowing them. “Everybody is full of shit…Us, them, everybody,” said Nothing More’s vocalist Jonny Hawkins.“Suspect your motives, doubt the media, quit the party. Reboot. Let’s try this again monkeys”. The “Let ‘Em Burn” lyric video was conceived and directed by Sean McLeod who also did Nothing More’s scorching lyric video for “Christ Copyright” and the music video for “Mr. MTV”. Said McLeod, “I’ve found Nothing More to be a band that is very involved in the process, passionate not only about the music, but the message. Especially with today’s misinformation and the difficulty of separating the truth from the noise, our goal with this video was to bring [Read More]