Concert review: The Amity Affliction with Northlane, Stray From The Path and Wage War by Alex Bock


Munich, Backstage Werk, Dec. 16th, 2016

This show closed my concert year 2016 and I have to say, it ended with a blast.

A few days before, the show was sold out and the place was really packed, from the beginning. The crowd was obviously into all the bands, although all three opening bands had some sound problems in the beginning. Nevertheless the audience seemingly loved their performances, considering all the crowd-surfers, mosh-pits and circle-pits that happened during their sets.

Wage War

Stray From the Path


The Amity Affliction were loudly welcomed by the crowd. The audience sang along to every song, knew all the lyrics by heart.  Almost constantly the security guys had to catch crowd-surfers and see to it, that they got out of the pit quickly, so no one gets hurt. The songs they played were mainly taken from their last two records ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ and ‘Let The Ocean Take Me’. Wise choice probably, because those records really let the band grow over the last years.


  1. I Bring The Weather With Me
  2. Open Letter
  3. Lost & Fading
  4. Never Alone
  5. The Weigh Down
  6. All Fucked Up
  7. Death’s Hand
  8. Some Friends
  9. Shine On
  10. Fight My Regret


  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Don’t Lean On Me
  3. This Could Be Heartbreak

The Amity Affliction are closing their touring year, which started in August in Australia, at Dec. 22nd in Madrid, Spain. They will play a Sylvester show in Red Hill, Australia and another single show on Jan. 2nd in Adelaide. 2017 will start as busy for the band as it ended. Another touring cycle will start on January 18th in Cairns, Australia and ends on Febr. 4th in Hobart, Australia.

Check out the band’s social media for further info’s and tour dates:

The Amity Affliction


Stray From The Path

Wage War

~ Concert Photography and Review by Alex Bock,


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