All That Remains live at the Backstage Munich

December 17th, 2018

In July 2018 All That Remains released dates for a short tour through Germany (Berlin, Cologne and Munich) in December 2018.

Recently the band had to deal with the loss of their lead guitarist and founding member Oli Herbert in October 2018.

On November 9th 2018 Massachusetts-based band released their latest record ‘Victim Of The New Disease’.

The loss of a band member is one of the worst things that can happen to such a tight unit. Phil Labonte stated during the show, that in the first weeks after the tragic accident happened, they weren’t sure, if they would go on as a band and if the record would even be released. In the end they decided that Oli Herbert would have wanted them to go an. Also, Jason Richardson (ex- Chelsea Grin and Born Of Osiris) offered to help them out as lead guitarist for their upcoming tour dates.

All That Remains chose different opening bands for each of the three dates. For the Backstage it was Heruin, a Munich based band. Though the venue was just slowly getting more crowded, they did a good job. So far, the band released one EP titled ‘Addict’, which they played in full.

It’s been about 8 years since All That Remains last played live in Munich. At about 9pm they entered the stage. Although they’d have had a brand-new record in the bags, they only played two songs of ‘Victim Of The New Disease’, ‘Wasteland’ and ‘Fuck Love’. The majority of the set contained their heavier songs from 2006 to 2015, though they didn’t shy back from playing one of their softer tracks ‘What If I Was Nothing’. Jason Richardson did an amazing job of filling in as lead guitarist. The band played a powerful set of 14 tracks with no real breaks or speeches between the songs. About half way through the set, Phil Labonte took a few minutes to talk about the loss of Oli Herbert and the effects that had on the band. He also talked about how Oli lived and breathed music and how dedicated he was.

After only 60 minutes the band left the stage without any encores, thanking everyone for coming by. All in all a stellar performance though.

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