Armored Saint with Act Of Defiance at the Backstage in Munich


Last Tuesday I went out for a classy night of Metal music. Armored Saint did us the honor of playing in Munich again. And a special show that was, because they played one of their most popular records ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ in it’s entirety. During the show, the band honored and remember the one man, who played a big part in the success of this record – Dave Prichad, who died in 1990, way before the actual release of the record.

Armored Saint were accompanied by another Metal Blade Records band, Act Of Defiance.

Act of Defiance was formed in 2014 by ex-Megadeth members guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover. They were joined by Matt Bachand (guitarist for Shadows Fall) on bass and singer Henry Derek (ex-Scar The Martyr). So far they have released two records. While every member of the band is a very experienced musician, they’re still working on forming a fan base, which they surely extended that night.

Here are some pictures of a fabulous night:

Act of Defiance


Armored Saint

Follow the bands for more information and make sure to catch them live. There’s a whole lot of tour dates ahead.

Act Of Defiance

Armored Saint


~ Photos and Review by  Alex Bock,


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