Combichrist, Wednesday 13 and Night Club – Everybody Still Hates You-tour 2018. By Alex Bock

Munich, July 21st – Technikum – a short review

Over the last few years, a summer wouldn’t be a summer, if Combichrist didn’t come down and play shows in Germany. So with 2018 making no exception, Munich welcomed the band once again.

They brought two opening acts along.

Night Club, a two people act, was the first to enter the stage. While Mark Brooks manages the music DJ-style, Emily Kavanaugh is the front woman/singer. Though the venue wasn’t that full at the beginning of their set, Emily managed to entertain quite well, not being intimidated by the (at first) quiet audience. Their music is quite catchy. Definitely a band worth checking out.

Shock rocker Wednesday 13 already assembled a steady fan-base over the years. Their 7th studio record ‘Condolences’ was released in June 2017. Their show was definitely one for the books in terms of appearances. No dull moment there.

Finally, Combichrist hit the stage at around 10 pm. At the moment we experience really hot summer days, but believe me, the temperature inside rose from hot to sauna in no time. If you’ve seen this band live before, you probably know that they never disappoint with their performance. You just can’t escape the steady two drums beat of Joe Letz (‘the female drummer with the colorful make-up’ as one German print press wrote) and Nick Rossi. Add the rock component with Eric Michael on guitar, some keyboard (Elliott Berlin) and synth parts and on top a charismatic frontman like Andy LaPlegua. Over the last years Rock elements were added to their Electro/Techno sound. A change that wasn’t welcome with every fan of the earlier years. The addition of Rock elements in my opinion opened their music to a wider audience. I’ve seen them a few times live now and every time it was a party, with people jumping, dancing and singing. Not exception this time.

The tour is still under way, so be quick and check this awesome line-up out here:

08.01 Saarbrücken DE Garage

08.02 Frankfurt DE Batschkapp

08.03 Oberhausen DE Kulttempel

08.04 Siegburg DE Kubana

08.05 Rotterdam NL Maasilo

08.07 Dublin IRE Tivoli

08.08 Belfast IRE Limelight

08.09 Glasgow SCT Garage

08.11 Derbyshirt UK Bloodstock Open Air


Also follow the bands on their social media for further information:

Night Club

Wednesday 13



~ Photos and Review by  Alex Bock,








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