Hardcore Superstar and Michael Monroe co-headlining the Backstage By Alex Bock


Munich, October 21st, 2015


It’s the second time this year that Hardcore Superstar played in Munich, same place, smaller club this time and they brought someone special along, Michael Monroe, well-known as the singer of Hanoi Rocks.

They brought along a young band called ‘Chase The Ace’. They play ‘sleezy hard rock’ as I would describe it. They’ve already been to Germany 7 times, gaining more and more fans every time. They bring a lot of energy on stage and if you love the music of the late 80’s and early 90’s, you’ll sure love them. Their second record will be out by November 24th. Everyone catching them live on this tour has a chance to get it already on this tour.

Second on the bill and the first headliner that evening was Michael Monroe. He brought his new album along called ‘Blackout States’. He had a fully packed set-list with a mix of is own stuff and songs from Hanoi Rocks. Especially those songs heated the crowd. They were celebrated and sang along by the packed Backstage Halle. There was no stopping Monroe. He played the whole set without any major breaks or speeches. It was pure energy.

Last band to play that night were the second headliners Hardcore Superstar. Last time they played in Munich was this summer at the Free & Easy festival. Now they got back again, playing to a packed house. Both headliners had their fans, so before the set started, it seemed people from the back changed places with the front. Now, as all of you that saw them before know, HCSS are a band that obviously has fun at what they do, which spreads to the crowd. The later the night, the crazier it gets. The drum tech carries around Jocke, the singer, at the end of the set, the tech starts pulling apart the drum set, carrying it away piece by piece. When suddenly the whole band jumps onto the guy, grabs him and throws him into the audience. Didn’t take long until he was up again on stage, working on the drum set again. So by the end of the show there wasn’t much left of that one.

With two headliners it was a long evening – it started at 8 pm and ended at about 11.45 pm, leaving every Rock fan in that building smiling.

For more information on the bands and their music, visit their social media and homepages

Chase The Ace




Michael Monroe


Hardcore Superstar


~ Contributed by Alex Bock and all Photography by Alex Bock, https://twitter.com/lexi22473_b


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