Magic Giant, Castlecomer, and Weathers bring the party to August Hall in San Francisco

Magic Giant perform at August Hall in San Francisco on Mar. 1, 2019

San Francisco – It was standing room only as Magic Giant took the stage with their opening song “Glass Heart”. The indie folk band from Los Angeles continued playing hits such as “Jade”, “Hide Away” and “Disaster”.  The engird was contagious. Austin Bisnow continued to use every part of the stage to get the crowd to the energy and feel he wanted to feel. The highlight of the night was when Austin Bisnow asked the fans to make a path down the middle of the audience area. Fans much abide by his request and had fellow bandmates, Zambricki and Brian Zaghi follow him to the center of the audience. While Magic Giant were in the center of the crowd and Austin asked the fans “to come in closer” as they began to play “The Great Divide”. It was a unique experience as the entire fans came together as one while singing along and swaying to the music in unison. The Austin asked the audience to pull out their flashlights as the fans lit up the room until the song finished. Magic Giant continued to play 4 more shows to end the show with their two popular hits, “Window” and “Set on Fire”.

The second band of the night was a classically trained Australian rock band named Castlecomer after a small town in Ireland. The band consisted of four cousins and a close friend who’ve been playing together since childhood. They are best known for “All of the Noise” and “Move”. Continuing off Weathers performance, the Castlecomer has an upbeat late 80’s sound. With inspiration from bands like ABBA, the Stokes, the Beatles and Stevie Wonder they projected the same spirit and intensity as the bands they looked up too. Bede Kennedy and the band created a flash dance among the crowd and interacted with everyone in the room. Their set included “Noise”, “Judy” and “Fire”.

The show opened with The Weathers, an LA-based band. They uplifted the fans with their unique energy. The way they moved and danced around the stage, you could see their passion for making music and perform. The Weathers maintained an energetic and positive vibe throughout the show. Boyer and the band attracted a diverse crowd. They created a nice flow between their music and the upcoming band. Their set included songs like “Shallow Water” and “Dirty Money”.


Review & Photography by: Sean Liming Photography


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