Our Last Night with Hands Like Houses, Hawthorne Heights and Jule Vera in Munich at the Backstage

On November 5th I had the pleasure to join yet another Our Last Night show.

As usual great parts of the audience were quite young, but don’t get me wrong, there were also lots of guys in the audience.

While the show started out with a quieter act, Jule Vera, it got more and more energetic through the sets of Hawthorne Heigts and Hands Like Houses. A perfect preparation for a killer set of Our Last Night.

With four acts on the list, the show started earlier than usual at 9.15 pm. Different from most shows, the venue was already packed, when Jule Vera opened their set. Not what one would expect as an opener for Our Last Night, since they do play way heavier stuff, while Jule Vera mainly played quieter songs.

Hawthorne Heights just finished a headliner tour through the UK and are right now touring the US & Canada with Silverstein. They are around for about 17 years now. In 2018 they released their latest record ‘Bad Frequencies’. With 500k followers on facebook they are not an unknown band. Due to the audiences young age though, many of them seem to never have heard of the band before. With their catchy hooks they could nevertheless satisfy the audience.

Australia residents Hands Like Houses haven’t been around here for four years now. Considering the energy they brought on stage, which swept completely over to the audience, it was about high time they came back. Songs like ‘Colourblind’, the catchy ‘I Am’, but also newer songs like ‘Monster’ or ‘Overthinking’, taken from their most recent record ‘Anon’, made everyone jump and sing along. Hopefully they will come back to Germany soon. A headliner tour is in order here!

On to Our Last Night, a band that plays in Germany on a more regular basis. It was just a year ago they headlined exactly the same venue. Shows are usually sold out or at least close to. While being very well-known for their cover-songs, the band has more than enough awesome material to choose from for a live show, like ‘Tongue Tied’, ‘Prisoners’, ‘Broken Lives’ and ‘Sunrise’. The obvious fun the band had in their live performance was reflecting on the audience. Several mosh pits formed during their set and to see a packed venue jump to the music never gets old. They played a set of 16 songs, closing the show with ‘Common Ground’ and a crowd-surfing while bass playing Alex ‘Woody’ Woodrow. The band promised to come back next year. We’ll be there!

For more information on the bands, follow their social media

Our Last Night

Hands Like Houses

Hawthorne Heights

Jule Vera


~  Contributed by Alex Bock, https://twitter.com/abphotomjp


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