Sex Slaves, Raygun Rebels and Lave live at the Asta in Rosenheim (Bavaria, Germany)

Seven years we had to wait for a live comeback – finally, January 25th, 2019 the Sex Slaves from NYC got back to Rosenheim to play in a cozy club called Asta.

It was the first of a few European tour dates in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

The small venue was packed with friends of the bands and fans from near and far.

The beauty of small club shows is that you are so much closer to where the magic happens.

Check out the pictures of that night – with Lave, a local band of only two guys, but with a powerful performance, which some bands twice their size can’t bring on stage. Second band entering the small stage was another local act – Raygun Rebels. Their influences definitely shaped their sound – Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Mötley Crüe, ACDC … you can hear it in their songs. Rock N’ Roll and good times is what you can expect, when seeing them live.


Raygun Rebels

The Sex Slaves finally have been the cherry on top of everything. Rock N’ Roll, party, good times, fun, booze, smashing glasses, sweat and a bag full of awesome songs did the trick. One simply can’t stand around and not move to their music. Songs like ‘W.T.F.R.U.’, ‘Long Live The Dead’, ‘All Night Long’, ‘Thank God For Jack Daniels’ and so many more Sex Slaves classic is what you get at their shows. So don’t miss out and catch them live at a place near you!

For more information on the bands, check out their social media:

Sex Slaves

Raygun Rebels



~  Contributed by Alex Bock,


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