Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real release first single of their upcoming new record

Photo credit: Alysse Gafkjen

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real will release their new album “A Few Stars Apart” on June 11th via Fantasy Records.

“A Few Stars Apart” is about finding the human and emotional bond between close family and friends and the own heart. Those 11 songs reveal, what it means to come back home and find a community and thereby oneself.

The first single “Perennial Bloom (Back To You)” is out now.

After he survived the beginning of the pandemic with his parents and his brother, the grammy award winner Nelson in 2020 was forced for the first time in his life to take a break. For more than a century he and his celebrated band were tirelessly touring, played several shows and festivals around the world, and were occasionally the backing band of Neil Young. For the longest time in his life Nelson was forced to find strength and inspiration in the simple joys of life.

“I come from the ultimate road family, you could say – I was on the move my whole life. I was never longer than three months anywhere and suddenly here we are, the four of us together. And thank god we were together. I can’t remember when we last spent so much time together as a family. And I have to say, as terrible as the pandemic was in many ways, for my inner peace I was able to take away a lot of good things from this time. I was able to pause and reflect.”

Photo credit: Alysse Gafkjen

The album was recorded over the period of three weeks in the RCA Studio A in Nashville with producer Dave Cobb on 8 track, which gave the songs an analog warmth, that reflects the originality of Nelson’s songwriting. If you listen to “A Few Stars Apart” it’s clear that he soaked up the lyric of his Texan heroes. Nevertheless, there is a lightness in this recording, where he spent a great part of his childhood and now is mostly at home.

“It really took a long time until I returned to the home of my heart. In a physical sense, this is Texas and Hawaii. But in a spiritual sense – I think I have finally decided, not to run away from what I am and what I’m supposed to be”, says Nelson. “Primarily a songwriter. This is, what this record means to me. There is a story that gets told throughout the whole record. A story about relationships and coming home.”


1.   We’ll Be Alright (5:01)
2.   Perennial Bloom (Back To You) (3:16)
3.   Throwin’ Away Your Love (3:11)
4.   A Few Stars Apart (3:08)
5.   No Reason (2:42)
6.   Leave ‘em Behind (3:25)
7.   Wildest Dream (2:49)
8.   Giving You Away (3:36)
9.   Hand Me A Light (3:35)
10.   More Than We Can Handle (2:49)
11.   Smile (3:40)



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