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The Press Gang are serving up a much needed dose of hard rock, metal and punk with their latest album, Medusa-5. You have 30 minutes of blissful music filled with heavy guitar riffs, high energy, infectious rasply vocals and punk flair.  One of their great tracks is Dagger For The Eye which is a tribute to David Bowie. Check out the track here:


You can head over to where you can download it. Check out their album and pick it up today.

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Track Listing of Album:
1. Dagger For The Eye (3:46)
2. Churning The Rust (3:00)
3. Bumblebee (2:41)
4. Rise (2:42)
5. Blister & Boil (4:11)
6. Bone & Gravel (2:28)
7. Die Inquisitor Die (1:59)
8. Brontosaurus (2:01)
9. Kill the Bastards (3:00)
10. Ship & Sail (3:57)

The Press Gang is:

  • Colin McCulloch – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Chad Laing – Lead Guitar
  • Lindsay Arnold – Bass
  • Derek Lindzon – Drums

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