Experience Impericon Festival Munich 2018 in pictures. By Alex Bock

This years’ Impericon Festival in Munich took place at the Backstage for the first time. Two stages in two different clubs on the premises. There was the Marshall Stage in the smaller one called ‘Halle’ and the big stage – Monster Stage – in the ‘Werk’.

Novelists opened the festival at 2 pm sharp. All shows started according to plan. The sets collided, so if you wanted to catch all the bands you had to decide, if you wanted to miss the first song or the last. Since the Marshall stage had no pit and was fairly smaller, it was kinda tricky to get there, when the band had already started to play. Each of the shows were equally crowded. Although the area itself is not a wide-open space, the switching of venues was smooth and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Here are some impressions of Impericon Festival Munich 2018. Enjoy!

~ Contributed by  Alex Bock, https://twitter.com/abphotomjp


Any Given Day


Boston Manor

Comeback Kid

Eskimo Callboy

Knocked Loose




Rings of Saturn


The Plot In You

We Came As Romans


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