ZConnor Custom launches new website!


Many times when we are out covering a concert, we can’t help but be drawn to the fashion of the band. We love musicians who eat, sleep, breath, and live music! It is not only their passion, but it is their lifestyle.  Recently, we caught one of our favorite bands, The Karma Killers out on tour with the Dreamers. They made a stop in San Francisco at the new Social Hall venue and we once again were in love with their clothes!




We came to find out more about their clothing and now are pleased to introduce you to ZConnorCustom which are the custom designs of Zakk Connor out of New Jersey. He has just launched his new website featuring his great original custom designs. You might wonder how and when he first started designing his clothing line and he explains,

“I suppose back in October is when I really started to get involved with the clothing, I didn’t realize what it would progress into when I reliced my first shirt. It was a shirt of the band Little War Twins, good friends of mine. I’ve purchased a shirt of theirs at an earlier gig they had at The Legendary Dobb’s on South Street in Philly when it was still open. It was a plane black T-shirt with their triple eyeball logo on it, a pretty gnarly design. Then I recall when they had an upcoming show at Ortlieb’s in Philly a few months later, I wanted to support them but I also didn’t want to wear the same shirt everyone else was wearing. Randomly enough I decided to get involved in bleaching and relicing to give it a totally custom look. When I wore it to the show I received a lot of compliments and people inquiring where I got the shirt, at that point the thought entered my mind that there may be a market for products in that realm. It’s a cool artistic concept that entails a very detail oriented process that I feel in love with. I actually enjoyed what I was doing and I can be as expressive as I wanted while bringing a cool rock n’ roll style to a generation corrupted by corporate branding and capitalism. After the show at Ortlieb’s, I decided to make a few other pieces and display them on social media, and wore them in public and see if anyone would bite on the style. Crazily enough I had inquiries of how much I charged and if I could customize clothing for interested parties and it developed locally fairly rapidly. ” 


His creativity shines through the cool clothes that just scream rock n’ roll! He tells us a little about his business ZConnorCustom and what inspires him to create the clothing,


“I’ve always been very passionate about rock n’ roll and music in general. My inspiration comes from everything the lifestyle entails. I really strive for the clothes to, not fall into the vain ideology of a current day “fashion trend” but, literally a wearable piece of art. I recall when I was doing the shoots for the website gallery, a friend of mine who was modeling for it asked if it was okay if she touched the shirts hanging on the display rack, and I’m thinking to myself, “I’d fucking hope so, you’re about to wear them”. But in that instance it made me feel that the direction of “wearable art” was a realistic concept. “

So make sure to check out his website and visit often, as he will be always adding new products.



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