This Saturday 1st Annual Everything Louder Than Everything Else Lemmorial Show!


Okay everyone, I know where you should be this Saturday night, celebrating the life of Lemmy and the music of Mötorhead.  Union Jack & The Rippers have put together an incredible night of music where you can raise your glass and toast to Lemmy!

*1st Annual Everything Louder Than Everything Else Lemmorial Show*
-Celebrating the life of Lemmy & the music of Mötorhead, each band will perform 1 or more Mötorhead classics as we raise our Jack & Cokes keeping it LOUD & HEAVY!!

The show is this Saturday, December 3rd at Spancky’s Bar in Cotati, CA. Event details can be found on FB here:

The show starts at 8 pm and will feature sets by Sweet AddictionBlackwülf and
Union Jack & The Rippers.

It is going to be a great night of music with three amazing bands. You will be able to hear for the first time an original tune by Union Jack & The Rippers that pays homage to Lemmy! Check out the amazing lyrics and be ready to sing it loud with us Saturday night.


We look forward to bringing you coverage from the 1st Annual Lemmorial!



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