Greta Van Fleet soar to new heights with the upcoming release of The Battle at Garden’s Gate


the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.
“The evolution of Greta Van Fleet’s music is wildly apparent with their new release of The Battle at Garden’s Gate.”

First, I must reveal that our love for Greta Van Fleet began long ago, in early 2017, as their gritty old style rock n roll captivated us from first listen. Their music soon became the soundtrack to some of our most difficult times. We sifted through what remained of our home and business which were lost in the Santa Rosa Tubbs Fire, blaring Black Smoke Rising, the music providing a cathartic release.

Over the years, their music and shows have satisfied our intense need for Rock n Roll. As we waited for their new release in hopes of another “Highway Tune” or “Safari Song” to whisk us away into rock abyss, we were teased with music that was definitely of a different style. With each new prerelease, we could sense that with the arrival of The Battle of Garden’s Gate, the doors would be opened into a new style of music; music with depths of progressive rock and the undertones of classic (70’s era) heavy hitting rock.

It was a crossroads for us, while we longed for another Highway Tune to tear us away from our mundane Covid lifestyle, we were also curious about this new style of music, a clear evolution was happening. It was in a sense, our own battle at the Garden’s Gate. So we decided to walk through with no pre-conceived notions or expectations of the new album and listen to it fully.  What came next, was simply magical.

The album is truly a musical masterpiece. Although each and every song stands well on their own, to fully immerse yourself, you should listen to the full album. It is as if each song is a separate act in a play or theatrical production. To listen to it from Heat Above to The Weight of Dreams is to leave no feelings or emotions on the table, nothing unsaid. It is a complete work of art, from start to finish, telling a story, creating visions in your head of a different world, feeling the music deep inside your soul. I am at a loss for words, except to say, it was simply amazing in every way.

We have all been enjoying the four singles, Heat Above, My Way Soon, Age of Machine, and Broken Bells since they were released.  Heat Above starts off the album with an intro that lets you know you are about to embark on a magical music journey. The song conveys a feel good upbeat vibe as it welcomes you into the new world and the organ outro is beautiful.

My Way is one of our favorite of the pre-released tracks, it sets you out on the road, ready to take chances and experience life. The chorus is one  that will have you singing out loud and declaring  how we choose the road. Jake brings his energy with his twang infused solo.

Broken Bells highlights Josh’s range of vocals and it introduces a somber and eerie tone, yet providing a glimmer of hope that progresses through the transition.

Next up is a personal favorite, Built By Nations. For all of you lovers of riff heavy rock, reminiscent of 70’s stoner rock, this is one kick ass song for you, bringing to life swirling pyschedelic rock vibes. Black light not included….

Age of Machine is one of the first singles that really introduced us to the evolution of their music. It showed their diversity in style and how they have truly honed their craft and excelled. Again, Josh’s vocals are powerful and commanding your attention. The chanting vocals are haunting and will embrace your soul. The fuzzy solo has  you picturing the song being performed live. Definitely one of our favorite songs.

Tears of Rain brings emotion to life with the acoustic guitar and sets a cinematic stage for their new style. It is nothing like we have ever heard from Greta Van Fleet and we definitely are ready for more. The guitar has a blend of a Flamenco style and then will take you to a Southern rock wave. At this point, we are all in….. Ready for what they have to offer next.

Stardust Chords marches in as a strong favorite with an intro that takes you right into one of the standout riffs of the entire album. Danny delivers precision hard hitting drums that heighten the climatic stances of the song. The spotlight shines once again on another incredible Jake solo.

Sam ushers us into Light My Love with the piano that takes us back to a 70’s euphoric vibe. Imagine if you will, alone in a field of daisies, with the one you love, feeling nature all around  you and bliss flowing through your veins. That is what Light My Love feels like.

Caravel kicks off with Danny’s thumping drums and takes us right into a doom rock/riff heavy stoner rock vibe. The song highlights the cohesion of the group as Sam’s heavy bass style and Jake’s guitar compliment each other perfectly. You will get hooked on the heavy drop down riff as the music takes you away with your head thumping to the riff.

The album then takes into  Sam on the sweet sound of the organ and Danny leads you into a killer wah-heavy intro solo on  Barbarians. It will have you asking “Is this 1969 or 2021?” It carries a sound reminiscent of early heavy/prog rock, but is rich in depth with a modern sound like no other. The layers on this song will have you feeling every bit of the music deep into your soul. It is interdimensional and celestial, from start to finish. A masterpiece, on it’s own.

Trip the Light Fantastic delivers an organ heavy intro that will have you begging for more. It once again balances the time travel of music, bringing the early rock and modern world together. The chant vocals and backing vocals bring it to another heightened level.

The album comes to a close with our favorite song, The Weight of Dreams. This song might have you remember some of their live performances and Jake’s other-worldly guitar solos. Just when you think this amazing album has come to a perfect close, Danny delivers intense drums and Josh’s iconic screams calls in for Jake’s solo. It wraps us the album with the longest solo that will have you feel every bit of energy that Jake puts into each note. The guitar takes over and emotion bleeds out. The ending features the acoustic guitar and you can’t wait to listen to it all over.

It isn’t often when you can witness a band that you love create an album that will stand the test of time and become the defining album of their career. In our opinion, The Battle at Garden’s Gate is that album for Greta Van Fleet.  It is definitely a must have for any music lover! Now we can’t wait for the future of live concerts return and see these songs performed live.

The album is set to release on April 16th and you can pick it up by heading over to their merch site. In conjunction with the track release, an exclusive limited-edition tie dye vinyl is launching globally and is available in the band’s merch store; more info HERE.

1. Heat Above
2. My Way, Soon
3. Broken Bells
4. Built by Nations
5. Age of Machine
6. Tears of Rain
7. Stardust Chords
8. Light My Love
9. Caravel
10. The Barbarians
11. Trip the Light Fantastic
12. The Weight of Dreams

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