R5 LIVE out on New Addictions Tour is a MUST-SEE!

R5 LIVE on Tour

R5 LIVE out on tour deliver MUST-SEE performance!

R5 recently returned to the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on Monday night and it was the place to be. The band which features four siblings; Ross, Riker, Rydel and Rocky Lynch along with long time friend, Ellington Ratliff, truly gave the crowd a fun night of music. Fans had lined up early in the day to get a great spot for the show. If you have ever been to Great American Music Hall, you will know – every spot is excellent in the legendary venue. The night kicked off with an energetic and engaging set by New Beat Fund. Followed by a very captivating set from Hailey Knox. Two great opening bands that you have to check out. Check out our other posts featuring New But Fund Set  and Hailey Knox set.

R5 took the stage amid a venue filled with screaming fans.

From the moment R5 took the stage, the anticipation from the fans led to a burst of energy that quickly filled the room. From the first step on the stage to the last, they delivered 150% to the crowd. They are all amazing performers and had us in awe. This was our first time seeing R5 and will definitely not be our last. If you ever had a doubt about rock n roll and the music scene today, R5 will put that all to rest. Whether you are into rock, pop, alternative, pop punk or old school rock n roll, R5 is delivering what you need to hear. They have torn down the genre walls and created their own signature sound and it is one WE LOVE!

Check out photos from their set by Rockin Ryan: (Click to enlarge photos)

R5 treated the crowd to a setlist filled with fan favorites, old tracks as well as songs from their latest release, New Addictions EP. R5 took the reigns on the creation of this EP as they took control, wrote and produced the EP fully. The EP highlights the musicianship and the creativity that the band holds. There is no doubt that this EP is a pinnacle in their career and is a musical gem.

A couple of our highlights from the night; First, to see them perform Need You Tonight (INXS cover) was spectacular. We love the cover, as it is featured on our next Top 25 Cover/Remakes.  Second, was to witness the parents of the young fans enjoying the music as much as their kids. It just proves that regardless of your age, gender, music preference, etc You can’t help but enjoy GOOD MUSIC! Lastly, for the encore R5 brought up all the bands from the night and treated the crowd to a full on party!

We will featuring our interview with bassist Riker Lynch of R5 so stay tuned! Be sure to visit their social media sites for all their latest news.

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