Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters deliver epic performance at Fox Theater in Oakland

It was one show that we had waited months for, and it was finally approaching. Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters performing at the Fox Theater in Oakland. It was one of the shows that kept us going with anticipation and excitement as we tried to recover from the devastating loss of our home and business in the Santa Rosa firestorms in October 2017. It gave us the strength and hope to move forward, for us to see Robert Plant perform in the theater style setting of the Fox Theater. Well, it not only lived up to all of our expectations, it exceeded them.

After the fire, the way I listened to music drastically changed. I could barely stand to hear the word “fire” or “smoke” in a song and when I did, I would instantly succumb to the horrors of our experience and relive it detail by detail. Carry Fire came out the week of our fire and I remember sitting in a hotel room with our family, not even knowing if our home even existed anymore. I had the album come through on my playlist and  I would listen to the songs, all except the title track. I fell in love with Heaven Sent, The May Queen and A Way With Words. It was an album that truly showcases Robert’s larger-than-life vocals, all the while delivering an intense and raw honesty that soothes your soul. Carry Fire was still a song that I had set aside to listen to later. On the night of February 28th that all changed.

That night, the word “Fire” took on a whole new meaning for me. It no longer carried the horrors of our past, it was replaced with a fire of spirit, a fire of hope, a yearning to move forward from my old life, which had been turned upside down. As Robert performed Carry Fire at the Fox Theater, I stood in awe of how beautiful this song is and I truly felt a peace come over myself, as it comforted me, amid all my sorrows and let me know, “it will all be okay”. We all have our scars, yet we all also carry fire. I now carry fire for my life, the life it was and the life it will be. It was a surreal moment and once again proved to me how magical music is. Thank you Robert, for your gift of music that took away all the pain and suffering that was attached to a simple word. Now at our house, we crank up the whole Carry Fire album and we can’t wait to see Robert perform again.

Check out photos by our Rockin Ryan of that incredible show at the Fox Theater:

Slideshow of more photos:

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We are excited to announce that Robert Plant has announced more dates for 2018. You can visit his website for a list of all of the upcoming shows. We hope to catch his show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley on June 21st. Make sure to visit all the social media sites so can stay up to date on the latest news.

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