VIDEO: Austin John Winkler returns center stage with killer new track, Superjaded

One of our favorite singers has returned to the music scene and is definitely set to take center stage. Austin John Winkler has just released his new song and video for Superjaded and it is one kick ass track. Winkler posted about the song/video earlier this week,

#SuperJaded single and video Drop this Friday! I’m anxious as Fuck! I have to tell you I haven’t shot a video in a Very Long time!! But I feel this is a song that needs to be heard and will hopefully resonate with anyone struggling with ANYTHING they need to let go of. People, substances, Dreams or whatever it may be. I had to say goodbye to everything I was in order to do what I love again! It hurt like hell, but now Im back and I feel fucking fantastic. Fucking SuperJaded and FUCKING EXCITED!!! ?

One thing is certain, this song will definitely grab your attention and have you fully consumed with the raw emotion that Winkler conveys. Vulnerable and soul bearing lyrics draw you in to the intense energy. Winkler’s vocals are timeless and powerful, delivering an anthem full of grit and angst that will have you screaming Superjaded!

Check out the video here:

You can download the song on ITunes Here:  and download on Amazon Here:

We have Winkler shining bright on our radar and we can’t wait for more new music and hopefully some shows. Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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