Bishop Briggs new release of “Someone Else” ft. Jacob Banks is the comforting hug we all need

Bishop Briggs has released an amazing new song, Someone Else featuring Jacob Banks and it truly is amazing! The song is the comforting warm hug that the world is in such desperate need of.  Bishop Briggs explains,

I’M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE. I love you all. Thank you for being so supportive during this particularly painful and sensitive time. I wrote “Someone Else” about feeling overwhelmed by existing in the world. I texted Jacob Banks this dream I had of hearing his voice on this song. Within a few hours he sent back a version of him singing along to the track full of his iconic vocal tone that you really only come across once or twice in your lifetime if you are lucky. I began tearing up within seconds of hearing his voice in the intro of the song. Jacob has one of those voices that you read about in the music history books. He is among the voices that will stand the test of time and have the ability to take your breath away. I hope you feel comfort and warmth. I hope in the process of this release I do too.

Check out the emotionally driven song and the video which highlights the raw vulnerability that this song carries. It is poetic and comforting as it touches the soul with healing and peace.

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