Check out the new song, Dear God from LA-based pop duo Confetti

The LA-based duo pop band have released a new song, Dear God. The comment about the song here,

“Dear God’ is just a casual conversation with ‘god,” stated the band. “We wanted to address our worldly concerns and the internal battles we face when seeking spiritual guidance, especially as of late. We also wanted to touch on relationships with friends, family and loved ones where the phrase “dear god” applies. We hope it relates to all humans, animals, plants or aliens, regardless of race and religion.”

Check out the track below:


More about Confetti:

confetti is an alternative rock pop duo hailing from middle america, but currently based in los angeles california. the two met in college at indiana university. after moving to los angeles the two have led semi separate lives in music, one a top liner/artist and the other a producer. after a gut wrenching six years of separation, solely working with humans~ which they claimed to be fun (sigh) but also very “limiting” and full of “bite your tongue” moments~~ the two sought each other’s like-minded tastes and aspirations and created the group CONFETTI. 

confetti’s mission is to make fun out of the darkness in the world. their music heavily relies on topics of politics, pop culture and societal inconsistencies. their poetic vernacular is nothing short of Kendrick Lamar, John Lennon, 2 chainz and Lil Yachty ~~ HOWEVER, they want their message to be as accessible to the average human as the title of their first single “people suck.” the production is reminiscent of 90’s and early 2000’s hip hop/pop mixed with a modern sound designed specifically to make you dance. confetti is also extremely insistent that their music is for every sex, race and species. 

what can we expect from confetti in the future? an everlasting supply of chaos and happiness shielded by the sarcastic umbrella under which they operate: “welcome to the circus” – confetti

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