Indie Soul Pop Artist Selfdrou9ht releases new single and visualizer


Indie R&B/soul pop artist, Selfdrou9ht announces his new single and accompanying visualizar, “The Comedown.” Central songwriter James Fasulo states, “This is a song about being a placeholder for someone who needs their emotional needs met, and the feeling one has when looking at the situation retrospectively as you’re left behind when you are no longer useful to them.  This is an unfortunately universal experience these days: going from wishing you could have been kept to realizing the user is the one who is losing out. This  realization  is what sets the song tonally;  it’s about self-ownership and restoration of value. The song has tinges of 80’s synth pop with Human League style melody changes, but littered through out are moments reminiscent of *NSYNC, The Weeknd, bedroom pop, and EDM.”

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About the artist

After 10 years of paying dues in the alternative rock/punk scenes and 16 years performing in musical theater, Fasulo finally felt the pull to create something new by himself. He has always felt a disconnect between his artistic self and the art he made- the story behind the moniker “Selfdrought” (stylized with a 9 because it’s Fasulo’s lucky number). He is trained as a soul singer and has  incorporated that part of himself  in genres where it was uncommon, but the time’s now come in his eyes to bring that Soul to the forefront.


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