Memphis May Fire share new video for “Left For Dead”

Memphis May Fire close the year 2021 with another new song. Today the band released “Left For Dead”. It’s obvious – the quartet wants to end the year with a sonic highlight.

“It’s definitely not the ‘norm’ to release such a heavy song shortly before christmas, but the truth is, there are so many people that suffer through the holidays”, Mullins explains. “Pain is an unavoidable part of human expierence and it doesn’t magically disappear at this time of year. I hope, that everyone who can identify with “Left For Dead”, feels less alone with their pain, especially in a time, where on social media you feel like you’re the only one who’s struggeling. We will donate 100% of our earnings of the “Left For Dead” t-shirt in our online merch store to Beneath the Skin, a charitable organization, which gives young women who feel alone, a real connection through peer-to peer monitoring.”

Since 2021 MMF released new songs through their longtime label Rise Records. With both explosive songs “Blood & Water” and “Death Inside” they hit a double strike. “Blood & Walter” became one of the fastest-rising hits in the career of the band. It was accompanied by an impressionable video and landed on the SiriusXM Octane station. Revolver called it a “return to form” and noticed that the song had an “absurdly melodic lead lick that cuts through the chugging breakdowns like a hot knife on butter”. In the meantime, “Death Inside” reminded the fans of the sonic strength of the band. “Somebody” was released in fall and includes all sonic features that fans of MMF know and love. All in all those four streams reached almost 24 million streams on all platforms. Each song had a philanthropic element and came with a piece of charity-merchandise, which is available in the band’s online-shop.

While 2021 was an active year for the band, Memphis May Fire are ready to experience a much greater 2022.

For more information on the band, follow their social media:

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