NEW SONG: San Antonio post-hardcore band I Survived release energetic new track, Cityseeker

Check out the new track from San Antonio post hardcore band, I Survived! They are releasing a string of new singles and the first one up is the energetic track, Cityseeker. Lead vocalist Danny Fairchild  explains about the new song,


“Cityseeker”” is a song about the duality of life and how change creates it; realizing the things you once were in love with may not be what they seem, but in the same breath you realize you might not be the person you thought you were when you once loved them. Reflections can lie to you, but on the other hand, also show what lay inside you and the depth of one’s dreams and desires and whether or not they still speak to the person that you are today.”


Check out the new track here:

About I Survived:

Formed in Texas in 2016, I Survived delivers a refreshingly honest brand of post-hardcore; a cynical but relatable look at the world today, packed in a hopeful and resonating wall of sound.

With an irrefutable cohesion that carries between record and live performance, I Survived delivers an intense and explosive brand of post-hardcore, led by vocalist Danny Fairchild’s impressive range. The vocal/instrumental interplay that underpins the young band’s sound is catalyzed further by explosive and dynamic riffs, a brutality that juxtaposes purposefully with the band’s emotive and melodic injections.

I Survived is:

  • Danny Fairchild – Vocals
  • Brandon Layne – Guitar
  • David Martinez – Guitar
  • Ryan Cagle – Bass
  • Kristof Kaupert – Drums

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