SPOTLIGHT BAND: Check out the new song, “Try” from Lawrence

Today we shine the spotlight on the brother/sister duo Lawrence. They have just released a new song, Try which is off their forthcoming album Living Room. You can check out the new song by taking a listen below:

More about the new album:

Living Room chronicles the life of two kids growing up, coping with break-ups, make-ups, family loss and finding harmony between excitement, anxiety, melancholy and empowerment. Of the album, Lawrence says “We wrote Living Room over the course of the past two years in our family’s living room. It’s important to us that when you hear the songs we write, you feel like you are getting to know us as people. In short, this album is about growing up, and everything that comes with it. So each song is a little window into a moment in our lives, whether that be a fight we had with a loved one, a night of insomnia, or a bite of spicy food that we weren’t prepared for.”

You can also catch Lawrence on the following show dates:

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