SPOTLIGHT VIDEO: Demi Lovato bares her soul and struggle with sobriety in her stellar new song, Sober

Today Demi Lovato released her new song, Sober and I can’t get enough of it! She bares her soul with raw honesty as she reveals her struggle with sobriety and a relapse.  You can’t help but be drawn to her sheer honesty and applaud her for sharing her vulnerability with us all.  It is an amazing track. Check it out below:


You can pick up the single or stream it by heading over to:

We truly applaud Demi for sharing the details of her relapse and I am sure that her honesty will help others who struggle. Her passion for her music and keeping it real is what we need more of in today’s music scene. Whether you are into metal, rock, pop, punk or rap, being truthful in your music will always ring through.

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