The Word Alive introduce new track and announce the release of a new record

Phoenix based band The Word Alive released a different kind of announcement for their upcoming record ‘Violent Noise’.

The band is together now for almost 10 years. In a short film they are summing up, how the band began and how the production of the new record went along. Also, some fans have a word in this. Check it out here:


The album is produced by Matt Good. It will be released May 4th through Fearless Records.


The band also introduced a new song called ‘Red Clouds’, which gives everyone an idea of how the new record might sound:


Track List
1. Red Clouds
2. Why Am I Like This?
3. Stare At The Sun
4. I Fucked Up
5. War Evermore
6. Human
7. I Don’t Mind
8. Real Life
9. Lost In The Dark
10 My Enemy
11. Run Away
12. Lonely

‘Violent Noise’ can now be pre-ordered at

Lots of chances to see The Word Alive on stage in spring. Here’s where you can catch them live:

Make sure to follow the band on their social media:

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