Reckless Love Rocks it for the 12th day of Christmas!

12 Days of Rock Christmas!
Day 12

On the 12th day of Christmas my Rock and Roll love gave to me some bold glam rock  with Reckless Love. Being the last day of the 12 Days of Christmas, I wanted to really bring out and highlight my love for 80’s rock and sleaze rock. It is as if  Reckless Love were a band frozen in time just before the grunge and alternative rock took over the airwaves. Then they were thawed out and just came out guns blazing  and ready to rock. These guys literally just have everything that I wanted back in my ’80s rock and so much more. They are delivering fresh new music and their song “Born to Break Your Heart” has topped the charts at No. 1 on Fin Radio. This song reminds could rival any Bon Jovi hits and I really like it!

Reckless Love is from Kuopio, Finland and they started back in 2001, first by playing all Guns ‘n Roses cover songs. They have since put out two albums and have toured the UK and Europe. You have Olli Herman on Vocals, Pepe on  Guitar , Jalle Verne on Bass  and Hessu Maxx on Drums. Their latest album “Animal Attraction”  is full of hit after hit. This band really reminds me of early Van Halen, Olli brings memories of a young David Lee Roth blended with Sebastian Bach. All these guys have me reminiscing of my ’80s past. What a great time and the music is what really made my memories stand out. It is nice to have a band like Reckless Love that I can enjoy now and get new music from. Another awesome song from them is “Beautiful Bomb” that reminds me of fun summers with Y & T and road trips with Eddie Money. Check out this one:


Well tonight I am going to spend my Christmas with my family and my Reckless Love! Now that is the perfect ending to the 12 Days of Christmas…. Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you enjoyed all the bands featured on the 12 Days of Rock Christmas. Whatever your mood, whatever your trouble, Music will always make it better!

~ Enjoy, Marisol

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