SAN FRANCISCO! Don’t miss legendary rockers The Seeds at DNA Lounge in SF this Friday!

SAN FRANCISCO! Get ready for a must-see show this Friday at the DNA Lounge. You don’t want to miss the icon sixties garage rock band The Seeds. The Seeds recently reformed with founding member Daryl Hooper and Seeds alumnus, drummer Don Boomer along with Alec Palao on bass, seasoned session guitarist Jeff Prentice, and vocalist dynamic Paul Kopf. The band will be performing a special show in San Francisco at DNA Lounge on September 15th.

Head over to pick up your tickets here:

So get ready for a great time!

The Seeds got their start in the 1960’s and were highly influential to artists/acts including Iggy Pop and Beach Boys. Over the years the band released over a dozen albums and achieved mass critical acclaim with hit’s like “Pushin’ too Hard.” Their song “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” was even featured in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

We are sadly going to be out of town for this show but we hope you make it out to the show and make sure to send us your photos so we can feature them on our site!


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