Godsmack and Like A Storm hit Munich with an incredible show at the Tonhalle


Originally this tour was set for November 2018, when unexpectedly the son of guitarist Tony Rombola passed away and understandably the tour was postponed.

So here we are, only a few months later, the house is packed and Godsmack are back! As touring companions, they chose Like A Storm and they did well with that.

Like A Storm are a four-piece band from New Zealand, three of them being brothers (Chris Brooks (vocals/guitar), Matt Brooks (guitar/vocals) and Kent Brooks (bass/add. Vocals), completed by Zack Wood on drums. The band hasn’t played any headliner shows in Germany yet, but they already shared the stage with well-known acts like Alter Bridge, toured with Black Veil Brides and Escape The Fate and they played several festivals over the last years. Although the majority of the people came for Godsmack, it’s safe to say the boys from NZ gained some new fans. They opened their set with ‘Pure Evil’ and ‘The Bitterness’ from their current record ‘Catacombs’, followed by ‘Wish You Hell’ from their break-through-album ‘Awaken The Fire’. Overall, they played five new songs and three ‘old’ ones. After 45 minutes they closed their set with ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’. Hopefully the band returns to Germany soon with a headliner tour, given their rising popularity a MUST!

Godsmack released their current record ‘When Legends Rise’ in April 2018. That year marked the 20-year anniversary of their self-titled debut record in 1998. There’s not better song to start out an album and a show! From start to finish the band brought an immense amount of energy on stage. They four members are a tight unit that runs like a well-oiled machine. With a 17 (!) song set-list that includes ‘Voodoo’, ‘I Stand Alone’, ‘Keep Away’, ‘Bulletproof’, ‘Unforgettable’ and much more plus a band that shows their fun on the job and makes the show one big party, what can possibly go wrong. One of my personal highlights was the out of this world drum solo or as I would name it ‘drum duet’ of the bands’ drummer ‘Shannon Larkin’ and their charismatic front-man Sully Erna. We all know that drum solos can really bring a show down, but those two showed that they can also be entertaining. Munich had the pleasure of two cover-songs that night ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles and just for the fun of it ‘Highway To Hell’, which closed a hell of a rock show that screams for more! They left the stage with the promise ‘We’ll see you again this summer!’. It’s a date!

For more information on the bands, check out their social media:


Like A Storm


~  Contributed by Alex Bock, https://twitter.com/abphotomjp



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