The Kooks kick off their tour with an epic performance at Fox Theater in Oakland

The Kooks kicked off their tour last night with an epic performance at the Fox Theater in Oakland. The exquisite venue was the perfect backdrop for a band that is shining in the spotlight. They are out in tour of their latest album, Let’s Go Sunshine which was released August 2018. Being their fifth studio album, it has garnered high praise as their best work since their debut album, if not the best. When you take a listen, you will be in agreement that their music has continued to capture new fans as well as please their long time fans.

Their headlining tour kicked off in Oakland the crowd was ready for quite a night. The show kicked off with great energetic sets by Future Feats and Barns Courtney.

Future Feats

Barns Courtney

The crowd grew with anticipation as the four UK lads took the stage. From the first note, the energy raced through the venue and you could feel the music lighting up the room. Their set was the perfect balance of new, old and fan favorites with everyone singing along and “being in the moment”.

The Kooks

This is one tour you don’t want to miss. Check out the tour dates below and pick up your tickets by heading over to their website:

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