Triple Vinyl Tuesday #4 – Wings, Halestorm, Jonny Couch


Here we go, for another Triple Vinyl Tuesday.  Let’s get down to spinning!


Our Old or Vintage Vinyl is:

Wings – Wings at the Speed of Sound

Label: Capitol Records       Release Date:  March 25, 1976

This album was the fifth studio album by Wings and by far, my favorite. The album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, during the Wings Over the World Tour. It featured all the bend members instead of just Paul McCartney on vocals. This song has one of my favorite songs from the ’70s, “Silly Love Songs” and I must have played this album every day when I was young. I still get taken back to certain childhood memories when the songs come on. They are great reminders of simpler times and fun in the sun.

Features: Paul McCartney vocals, infectious sing along songs. Lot of varied musical instruments creating layers and textures in the music;  trumpet, saxophone, harmonica, trombone, flute and more!

Favorite Tracks: Let ’em In and Silly Love Songs



Our New or Current Vinyl is:  

Jonny Couch- Animal Instinct

Label:    Damaged Sofa Records    Release Date:  2016

This album takes Jonny from behind his drumkit and into the forefront. In addition to the vocals, he also plays the drums, organs, and synths on all the tracks. Jonny creates a fun synth-pop style that is welcome in today’s music scene. We look forward to his full length album.

Features: Jonny’s distinct vocals are fun and charismatic, pop melodies, Jonny’s punk influences come out in the drums, power pop, pop punk vibes

Favorite Tracks:   Really Want to Touch and Animal Instinct




Our Wild Card is:

Halestorm – ReAnimate 3.0: the Covers EP

Label: Atlantic Records      Release Date:  January 6, 2017

This release was a Record Store 2017 find this year! As you know we love covers/song remakes, so this album was one that we were very excited for. Halestorm are an incredible hard rock band and for them to take these covers and wrap them in their personal style, was a perfect fit. This is the third in their cover series and we hope they continue with more.

Features: Powerful, high energy, compelling vocals

Favorite Tracks:  Still of the Night (cover) and The Heathens (cover)



Stay tuned each week as we pick 3 more Must-Have Vinyls.


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