TVT No. 2 features Humble Pie, The Shelters and My Life With Thrill Kill Kult

Here we go, for another Triple Vinyl Tuesday.  Let’s get down to spinning!


Our Old or Vintage Vinyl is:

Humble Pie – Smokin

Label: A&M Records       Release Date:  1972

This album was the first one after the Peter Frampton’s departure. It was great to hear the band deliver such a well rounded album that also accentuated the blues and soul roots of founder Steve Marriott. It also became the band’s best selling album. Peter Frampton flourished in his solo career and Humble Pie as well. It is a great reminder to bands of today that you may go through line-up changes but it may also lead to some of the best work for all the musicians; past and present.

Features: Bluesy rock with some tasty licks, sweet keys, pyschadelic swirling organ on Hot ‘n’ Nasty, soulful vocals

Favorite Tracks: 30 Days in the Hole and Hot ‘n’ Nasty


Our New or Current Vinyl is:  

The Shelters – The Shelters

Label: Warner Bros.       Release Date:  June 10, 2016

This debut LP truly had everyone talking about The Shelters. They quickly garnered high praise for their debut LP and it was one you could listen to from start to finish and spin it again. It carries a nostalgic rock vibe but with modern flair. We first heard of them as we caught them opening up for The Struts in Santa Barbara at Velvet Jones. They blew us away and we were hooked. Check out our article from that show here.  Click here to check out The Shelters  new video and photos from BottleRock Napa 2017 set

Features: one of the coolest nostalgic twangy guitar sounds that is missing from today’s scene, catchy choruses, upbeat melodies, dual vocals.

Favorite Tracks:   Rebel Heart and Birdwatching


Our Wild Card is:

My Life With Thrill Kill Kult – Confessions of a Knife

Label: Wax Trax! Records      Release Date:  1990

“This album is one of my favorite ones that we own. I received this album directly from Groovie Man (Frankie Nardiello) himself circa 2010. I was getting my hair cut by  Cazzie Mayorga at the one and only Gorgeous Hollywood. In walks Frankie to meet up with Rayzor and Frankie asks me, “Hey Kid, do you have a record player”. Of course, I told him how I was hooked on vinyls. He then gave me the album. It is the Special Limited Edition Vinyl Album and it is awesome!” – Rockin Ryan.  In other music news, My Life With Thrill Kill Kult will be heading out on a 30th Anniversary Tour. You can visit our post My Life With Thrill Kill Kult announces dates for all the tour dates and information.

Features: One of the forefathers of industrial rock, heavy beats, aggressive disco tinged, funk laden groove, truly gets you to dance, spoken-word samples and intensity laden inferno of industrial tracks!

Favorite Tracks:  A Daisy Chain 4 Satan  and Confessions of a Knife (Theme, Part II)



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