KITTEN release stunning emotional video for their infectious track, Strange Embrace


One of our favorite new bands, Kitten has just released a stunning new video for their track, Strange Embrace. The video was directed by Abigail Tulis and produced by Shruti Ganguly & Aurora Alänge. The video not only features mesmerizing dancers Yiannis Logothetis, Brooke Jones, Sarah Elaz, Kara Menendez, and Danielle Zins but the captivating and talented Chloe of Kitten. Check out the video here:

You can pick up their EP Pink Champagne by heading over here:

We have truly been smitten with Kitten since catching them open for Blue October show at August Hall. The show was absolutely amazing. They were incredible and have left a lasting impression on us.  They are an indie rock band from Los Angeles that brings to life a style of free fun loving alternative rock that was straight from the ’90s but with a fresh paint of energy and style. They reminded me of my all-time favorite band of the 80s’ & 90’s The Divinyls. They have an infectious charismatic energy that radiates from each one.

Their stage presence was captivating and mesmerizing and it was a complete show. It is so refreshing to see a full band complete with two guitarists, and keys/synth. Collectively, they filled the venue with their larger than life sound and you can enjoy the layers of the music. You can’t help but attest to the deep connection and chemistry among the band members.

Check out photos of their set by our Rockin Ryan:


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