Romantics co-founder Mike Skill releases video for his new single, ’67 Riot


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As musicians have done for centuries, 40-year career rock guitarist/songwriter/vocalist, Mike Skill, uses music as a vehicle to expose societal ills of his time. Best known as a co-founding member of popular 80’s band, The Romantics, Skill released his new single, “’67 Riot”, recounting a dark spot on American history that changed his hometown of Detroit forever. The official music video premiered today. “‘67 Riot” is available now on all digital platforms. Check out the video below:

The song features Wayne Kramer, guitarist and founding member of legendary Detroit rock band, MC5. Rolling Stone Magazine recognized Kramer as one of the top 100 guitarists of all time.

The song has also been released as a limited edition 7″ vinyl exclusively on  The 7” record has Skill’s previously released track, “My Bad Pretty” on the B-side. Both songs were written and recorded by Skill and produced with Grammy Award-winning producer Chuck Alkazian (Soundgarden, Eminem) at Pearl Sound Studios in Detroit and Carver Studios in Oregon.

Skill recognizes his new song highlights issues that still plague our country today, including racial discrimination, socio-economic division and police brutality. The effects of the ‘67 riot stayed with him over the years, fueling the desire to write a song about it. “I wrote the song from a sense of frustration that people never came together after the riots to really address what happened, to look each other in the eye and say, ‘How can we repair this? How can we move forward?’”

Watch the official music video for “‘67 Riot” on Mike Skill’s official YouTube channel. Don’t forget to check out “’67 Riot” on SpotifyApple Music and all other digital music platforms. Also look for the 7” vinyl record version, available as a limited edition at


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