VIDEO ALERT: The Underground Thieves release vibrant cosmic video for White Noise

Photo Credit: Austin M Bauman


Whatever the question is, Music is the answer. Sometimes you just need to go play the music! Check out the latest new video from our favorites The Underground Thieves for their stellar track, White Noise. The song is their 7th single and a musical gem written by Nick Perri, Michael Montesano, Anthony Montesano.

You are immediately drawn into the Floydesque harmonies amid the perfect mix of psychedelic and classic rock.  You are then transcended into an epic guitar solo that is spellbinding. It is a rich robust track that brings depth and layers to their music, something that is greatly missing from a lot of today’s music.  This band truly captures a full bodied sound that takes a hold of you and has you craving for more. Check out the video here:

Head over to the following links for the new song:

Pick up the new track today! You will have to have this track cranked up loud and let the song take over you. Get ready for a cosmic ride with The Underground Thieves.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. This is one band you don’t want to miss if they are coming even remotely close to your area!

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