Our Spotlight Band is Breaker Breaker as they feed your need for ROCK n ROLL!



Today our Spotlight Band is the bad ass rockers, BREAKER BREAKER out of Portland, Oregon. These three guys are carrying the torch of rock n roll as they are feeding your need for new rock. They are bringing out your love of 80’s metal, rock and glam but without dipping into the past or your old vinyl collection. These guys are here today and ready to stay.

Their music features some sweet smoking guitars as well as the raspy/sexy vocals of Timmy Rokket. E-Ryder definitely takes you on a wild ride with his bass and Tommy Thunder is pounding the skins and bringing it all home. They might be three, but they are a powerful rockin trio making a big sound that demands to be heard.

They have just released their new music video for their track, Pistol Grip Baby and it kicks ass! Who better to capture the rock n roll spirit and vibe that this band has than Modern Kicks vocalist/guitarist Ant Boyd. In addition to being a true rocker with his band, he is an accomplished director, Artificial Media.  He really captures the vibrant energy of the band as they take you on a sexy and wild rock n roll ride.


  • Timmy Rokket: Guitar/Vox
  • E-Ryder: Bass Guitar
  • Tommy Thunders: Drums


  • Genre:  Rock n Roll
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Feature: Straight up balls to the wall ROCK N ROLL! Smoking guitars, sexy vocals, oozing with rock n roll spirit
  • Current release:  Wreckin Machine available now on Bandcamp: https://breakerbreaker1.bandcamp.com/releases


Song to check out: Spit Me Out  off their Wreckin Machine album

Video to check out: Just released Pistol Grip Baby : 

We will see if we can bring you an interview with these rockers soon so you can get to know them better. Make sure to visit their social media sites!

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